How to Soften Denim Fabric

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You just bought a pair of the snazziest jeans on the market. Only problem is, they are so stiff they could stand on their own two denim legs. Denim fabric tends to be stiff at first and that is why we all like our old denim jackets and jeans that have been through numerous washings and lost that stiff feeling. You can speed up the process of softening new denim clothes by performing a few easy tasks.


Things You'll Need

  • Fabric Softener

  • Tennis shoes

  • Pillow case or large towel

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Step 1

Place your denim clothes into the washer. Put the water temperature to the warm setting.

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Step 2

Pour 1 cup of fabric softener into the laundry. Do not add any laundry detergent.


Step 3

Wash the clothes on the normal wash cycle and stop the washer at the end of the first agitation. Do not allow the water to drain out.


Step 4

Reset so the cycle repeats. Do this one more time and then allow the denim clothes to go through a complete washing cycle.


Step 5

Place the denim garment in the dryer with clean tennis shoes. The tennis shoes beat on the stiff denim fabric, loosening fibers.



Step 6

Leave denim clothes in the dryer till they are dry, but still warm.


Step 7

Remove from the dryer and roll the denim fabric starting on one end of the garment. Roll tightly, stretching the fabric as you go.


Step 8

Place the rolled denim garment inside a pillow case or wrapped in a towel and leave for one or two hours.

Step 9

Take the denim clothes out of the pillowcase or towel and place in your closet.



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