How to Use a Singer Tiny Serger

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The Singer Tiny Serger (model TS380 or TS380A) is an inexpensive, very basic serger. It does not provide the features of a standard serger, like adjustable stitch length or a blade to shear off excess fabric. The lack of features makes the Tiny Serger an easy machine for a beginner to operate, but it is not ideal for finishing light-weight woven fabrics due to its wide, non-adjustable stitch length. Finishing the edges of non-fraying fabric, like a fleece blanket, is an ideal project for a Tiny Serger.


The Tiny Serger works very well on fleece fabric.

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Things You'll Need

  • Scissors

  • 3 Spools Of Thread

  • Singer Tiny Serger

  • Fabric

Step 1

Plug in the power cord and the foot treadle on the right side of the Tiny Serger. Put the three spools of thread on the spool mounts on the back of the machine, if it is not already threaded. Pull the flat plate on the front of the machine straight towards your body to remove it, because the color-coded threading directions are underneath. Make sure the serger is properly threaded according to the threading directions.

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Step 2

Cut any uneven spots off the raw edge of the fabric. The Tiny Serger will work best on a straight edge.

Step 3

Depress the lever that sticks out about an inch behind the presser foot, to lift the foot. Slide the edge of the fabric under the presser foot, lining it up with the white plastic seam guide that is just to the right of the presser foot.


Step 4

Slowly depress the foot treadle by applying light pressure with your foot. Do not try to go fast or the serger will jam. Hold the fabric straight against the seam guide and let the feed dogs of the serger pull the fabric through. Avoid pushing or pulling the fabric because this can break the needle, knock the serger out of time, and cause uneven stitches.


If you are serging a light, woven fabric with the Tiny Serger, you will either need to make a 1/8-inch fold before serging or you will need to go around the raw edge twice.



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