How to Replace Weatherstripping for Horizontal Slider Windows

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Things You'll Need

  • Eye protection

  • Dust mask

  • Gloves

  • Putty knife

  • Spray degreaser

  • Clean rags

  • New weatherstripping

  • Utility knife

For the most efficient windows possible, you need to make sure your window weatherstripping is in good order.

For the most efficient windows possible, you need to make sure your window weatherstripping is in good order. Slider windows come with a factory weatherstripping that is applied when the window is built. But it can wear out over time or get damaged. Replacing sliding window weatherstripping is not hard to do. Once the weatherstripping is replaced, you will have much more efficient windows which will save you money on your energy bills.


Step 1

Put on all protective gear.

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Step 2

Remove the sliding section of your window by lifting it up slightly and pulling it toward you.

Step 3

Inspect the weatherstripping seal to see what kind you have. Some seals slide in and out of a groove. Some weatherstripping is the peel-and-stick type, and another type of weatherstripping is made of felt and may be held in with screws or it could be a press fit.

Step 4

Scrape off peel-and-stick weatherstripping with a plastic putty knife. Remove screw on weatherstripping with a screwdriver. Pry out felt insulation, using the screwdriver to get the edge started. Then pull it out by hand.

Step 5

Clean up the area where the old weatherstripping was applied with a good spray degreaser and some clean rags.


Step 6

Install peel-and-stick weatherstripping by peeling off the paper back and pressing it firmly in place. Peel back only the paper from a small section at a time, as you continue to unroll it and press it in place. Cut off the end of the weatherstripping with a utility knife.

Step 7

Screw new screw-on weatherstripping in place with the screwdriver.


Step 8

Press fit new felt weatherstripping into the groove and continue to press fit as you slide your hand up, while pressing on the felt weatherstripping.

Step 9

Replace the slider window section by lifting it up, tilting it forward, and then letting it drop down slightly into the window channel it slides on.

Step 10

Check to make certain the window slides, opens, and closes without getting caught up.


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