How to Make Angels From Plastic Bottles

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Things You'll Need

  • Soda bottle (any size)

  • Fabric

  • Lace edging

  • Ribbons

  • 24-gauge craft wire

  • Iridescent cellophane

  • Wooden sphere

  • Doll hair

  • Pens

  • Hot glue

Make angels from plastic bottles.

Recycle soda bottles while making fun craft angels. The project is inexpensive and very easy to do.


Step 1

Remove the bottle's label and wash and dry it thoroughly. The size depends only on your preferences; a two-liter bottle makes a very tall, large angel, while a 20-ounce or smaller bottle makes a shorter, less conspicuous angel.

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Step 2

Cut the bottle in half. Discard the bottom. This creates a broad base that prevents the bottle from falling over while you are working with it and after the angel is finished.

Step 3

Hot glue the wooden sphere to the mouth of the bottle. Make sure your sphere is appropriate to the bottle size. A sphere about the size of a half-dollar works best for a two-liter bottle. For 20 ounces or smaller, pick a sphere about the size of a quarter or nickel.

Step 4

Cut a strip of fabric about 18 inches long and slightly wider than your bottle half is tall. For example, if you use off the top of a two-liter bottle and it is 8 inches tall, your fabric should be about 9 to 10 inches wide.


Step 5

Hot glue lace edging to the edges; the hot glue makes hemming unnecessary. Choose a fabric like satin or thin velvet, something befitting an angel. You could also choose several colors of sheer fabric and layer them on top of each other.

Step 6

Gather your fabric around the neck of the bottle, making sure your sphere is not obscured. Pinch pleats of fabric between your fingers and hot glue them to the mouth of the bottle. This creates the collar and skirt for your angel. Tie a piece of ribbon around the gathers in the fabric for a sash.


Step 7

Hot glue some doll hair to the top of your sphere, making sure it covers all but the front of the sphere. Cut doll hair to any length you like and decorate it with ribbons if desired.

Step 8

Cut a 12-inch length of 24-gauge wire and bend it into a figure-eight shape. Glue the wire to a piece of iridescent cellophane and cut away the excess cellophane. These are your angel wings. Hot glue them to the back of the angel and draw a face on the front of the sphere with a fine pen.


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