Directions for Using an Automatic Bread Maker

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An automatic bread maker is a small kitchen appliance that brings the ability to make fresh, homemade bread to almost everyone. The ingredients can be purchased in ready-to-use packets which are emptied into the bread maker. Once the bread maker is switched on, there is nothing left for you to do. The machine mixes and kneads the bread dough automatically. After the dough is allowed to rise for a period of time, the machine bakes the bread to a golden brown and shuts off automatically.


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Things You'll Need

  • 1 Packet Bread Mix

  • Wire Rack

  • Pot Holder

  • Bread Maker

  • Dish Soap

  • Water

Step 1

Make sure your bread maker is unplugged. Lift the lid at the top of the machine and pull the bread pan out using the built-in handle. Use a twisting motion to release the bread pan in some machines.

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Step 2

Push the kneading blade onto the shaft at the bottom of the bread pan if necessary. Be aware that in some bread makers the kneading blade is mounted permanently and is not removable.

Step 3

Clean the bread pan with dish washing soap and water. Rinse the pan out with water and dry it thoroughly. Place all dry ingredients into the bread pan. Follow the directions that came with your bread mix. Place the yeast mixture in the yeast dispenser on your machine if it is so equipped.


Step 4

Pour the correct amount of water into the bread pan. Follow the directions that came with your bread mix.

Step 5

Place the bread pan into the bread maker and push down on it until it is fully seated. Make sure the shaft at the bottom of the machine is inserted into the slot at the bottom of the pan. Use a twisting motion to get it to seat properly if necessary.


Step 6

Close the bread maker lid and plug the power cord into an electrical outlet. Choose the correct bread type by pressing the buttons on top of the machine. Check your owner's manual, as all machines are different. Check the directions that came with your bread mix for the correct bread type.


Step 7

Press the start button. The bread maker will display a timer that will let you know how much time is remaining in the bread-making process. Open the lid once the process is complete and the machine has shut off. Lift the bread pan up and out of the machine using a potholder on the handle. Turn the bread pan upside down and shake it until the bread releases from the pan. Place the bread loaf on a wire rack to cool before cutting it.


The bread maker is an electrical appliance. Do not place the machine near a sink where it could accidentally fall in, or you could receive a severe electrical shock.



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