Wolfgang Puck Rice Cooker Instructions

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Things You'll Need

  • Rice

  • Water

  • Dish soap

  • Towel

Use Wolfgang Puck's rice cooker to get perfectly plump rice.

Chef Wolfgang Puck has created rice cookers that make cooking rice simple. The rice cooker will not only cook your rice to perfection, but it will also allow you to keep the rice warm until the rest of your meal is ready. It is important that you follow all of the instructions in the Wolfgang Puck rice cooker manual to ensure that your rice is cooked properly and safely.


Step 1

Lay your Wolfgang Puck rice cooker on a flat surface. Remove the pot from inside the rice cooker.

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Step 2

Use the measuring cup that comes with the rice cooker to measure the amount of rice you need. Do not use a regular measuring cup. Rinse the rice under cold running water.


Step 3

Pour your rice in the Wolfgang Puck rice cooker pot. Add water until you reach the water line marked in the rice cooker. This will depend on the amount of rice you use.

Step 4

Place the pot back in the rice cooker and close the lid. It's closed when you hear a click. Plug the cord in to the nearest outlet. Turn the rice cooker on, using the "Cook" setting.


Step 5

Wait for the rice cooker to switch from the "Cook" setting to the "Keep Warm" setting. This means that the rice is ready to eat.

Step 6

Press the release lid button on the handle of the Wolfgang Puck rice cooker to open the pot.


Step 7

Dish out the rice. Turn the rice cooker setting to the "Off" position. Unplug the rice cooker.

Step 8

Remove the rice cooker pot and the condensation collector. Wash them both with dish soap and water. Replace after drying with a towel.


Call 1-800-275-8273 if you have any questions about your Wolfgang Puck rice cooker.


Steam will come out of the rice cooker. Make sure you do not lean over the rice cooker or put your hands in the path of the steam. Steam can cause a nasty burn.


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