How to Attach a Lanyard

Lanyards fall into two general types. One is made of thin plastic craft string that's woven together. These lanyards are often attached to key rings, zipper pulls or pieces of jewelry as decoration. The second type of lanyard is a thick string or a thin rope used to secure electronic devices, such as digital cameras. The method you use to secure a lanyard depends on what type it is.

Things You'll Need

  • Lanyard hook (if attaching a craft lanyard)

  • Device with lanyard hole (if attaching a device-holding lanyard)

Attaching a Craft Lanyard

Step 1

Weave the lanyard strands together.

Step 2

Turn the lanyard so that the bottom of the first stitch faces you. For most stitches, there should be one long loop that stretches across the lanyard.

Step 3

Press down on the moveable arm of the lanyard hook to create a space between the arm and the opposite side of the hook.

Step 4

Slide the opposite side of the hook through the loop that you identified in Step 2. When the hook has slid all the way through, release the moveable arm of the hook.

Step 5

Repeat Steps 3 and 4 to attach the lanyard hook to the other object, such as a zipper pull or a keyring. You can treat the border of the hole in either of these objects as the "loop" referred to in Step 4.

Attaching a Device Lanyard

Step 1

Pinch one end of the lanyard so that the loop is as big as possible. If the lanyard has a thicker end and a thinner end, pinch the thinner end.

Step 2

Thread the pinched end of the lanyard through the lanyard hole in the device. You can usually find this hole on the back or side of the device, and you should thread it as if you were threading a needle.

Step 3

Pull the pinched end of the lanyard through the hole until a loop forms.

Step 4

Slide the opposite end of the lanyard through the loop, then pull to tighten the lanyard. This will attach the lanyard to the device.


You can make your own device lanyard out of a piece of string tied into a loop.


Take care not to puncture the lanyard strands while threading the lanyard hook through them.