How to Tie With "Stretch Magic"

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Things You'll Need

  • Stretch magic cord

  • Beads

  • Scissors

  • Hypo cement glue

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If you enjoy making your own jewelry, you've probably heard of the elastic cord known as "stretch magic." This type of cord is generally used to make beaded rings, bracelets and necklaces. Although convenient, the slippery, stretchy nature of the cord can pose a problem; knots typically slide out very easily. The best way to alleviate this problem is to remember not to treat stretch magic in the same manner as you would a silk or nylon cord. Knowing an alternative technique can make all the difference in the success of your stretch magic jewelry project.


Step 1

Choose more than double the length of stretch magic cord that you need for your project. Refrain from cutting off any of the stretch magic from the spool before you are ready to tie off your item. Add the beads. When you finish, there should be two or three inches of cord at either end with the beads in the middle. Although silk and other cord types can be used for making DIY jewelry, stretch magic elastic cord is used exclusively for beads and beaded crafts of various kinds.

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Step 2

Bring both ends together, so that they are parallel to one another. Place one end perpendicular to the other one. The two ends should now be crossed, forming an "x." Holding the two ends in this position, take strand that is positioned on top of the "x" and bend it away from you. Allow the tip of this same strand to move down and toward you, back through the "o" that has now been created. Instead of pulling the ends taut (as one would normally do), repeat the over and through loop once more with the same strand. Now pull the ends tight, closing the loop and creating a knot.


Step 3

Add a drop of hypo cement glue to the knot. Pull the final bead over it. The glue will help to secure the bead over the knot and prevent your work from coming apart.

Step 4

Cut any protruding ends of the cord 1/4-inch away from the knot.

Step 5

Place a drop of glue at either side of the securing bead in each opening. Allow the glue to dry before wearing your jewelry.


Avoid using any kind of superglue for stretch magic projects. The active chemical in superglue will dissolve the fibers of the cord, causing the strand to suddenly snap without warning.


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