How to Create Daily Rip Calendars

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Things You'll Need

  • 365 sheets of paper (any size)

  • Computer and printer or markers

  • Paper cutter (optional)

  • Scissors

  • 1 piece cardboard

  • Large rubber band or clamp

  • Padding compound

  • Small paintbrush

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Daily rip calendars help you keep track of the days of the year. These 365-day calendars are simple to make, as they only require printed paper, a piece of cardboard, and padding compound, which is the glue used at the top of notepads. Using padding compound instead of staples or regular glue makes the pages easy to tear off. You can order padding compound online if you cannot find it in your local office or craft store. See the Resources section at the bottom of this article.


Make Your Calendar

Step 1

Decide on the size of and a design for your calendar. It can be as simple as the month name and date printed on the paper or more elaborate, depending on your computer and artistic skill. You can either hand draw each day of the year or draw using a computer program, such as Gimp or Paint, and print the sheets out.

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Step 2

Cut each piece of paper to the size you want the calendar to be. A paper cutter will make this task easy, but you can use scissors if you don't have a paper cutter. If you want the project to be super easy, decide to make a calendar that is the size of standard paper (8.5 inches by 11 inches), that way you will not have to cut the paper at all.


Step 3

Cut the cardboard to match the size of your calendar.

Step 4

Stack the sheets of paper on top of the cardboard. Make sure they are in the right order and that the printed side faces away from the cardboard. Straighten the pages so that they are equally aligned. Secure the pages together, either by clamping them or wrapping a rubber band around the stack.


Step 5

Brush the padding compound along the top edge of the calendar using the paintbrush. The padding compound will be easy to work with, but make sure you have a smooth layer along the edge. Set the calendar aside until the glue dries, then take the clamp or rubber band off. To change the calendar day, simple pull the top page off.


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