How to Make a Tin Foil Star

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Things You'll Need

  • 1 old file folder

  • 1 pair of sharp scissors

  • 1 packet of silver squibs

  • 1 packet of silver cabochons/flat-backed jewels

  • 1 glue stick

  • 2 printouts of a star template

  • 1 roll of aluminum foil

  • 1 permanent marker

  • Individual tacky dots

  • 3D foam tacky dots

A completed star with embellishments.

Aluminum foil stars are a great craft project for the whole family to enjoy. Their simplicity makes them a charming addition to holiday decorations. You could strand then into a garland for the fireplace or stair case, add them to the tree as ornaments or use one as a tree topper. They can also be suspended from the dining room ceiling.


Step 1

Glue the templates to the file-folder base.

Cut file folder in half along the spine of the folder. Glue the cut-out star templates to the file folder using a glue stick. Press the paper firmly to the file folder for a strong adhesion. Working from the center to the edges, use your fingers to smooth out any air bubbles. Then allow to dry.

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Step 2

Outline the star on the foil.

Cut out the stars. Tear off one piece of foil slightly bigger than a star and trace a star on it with a permanent marker.


Step 3

Trim away excess foil and make small snip at red lines.

Tear off another piece of foil. Glue the cardboard side of the stars to the matte side of the foil. Then trim away the excess foil, leaving approximately a 1/4-inch seam allowance. Make small snips into the foil at the red-line marks in the image. Repeat these steps with the second star.


Step 4

Fold foil over the edges of the star.

Gently fold the foil over the edges of the star. Press firmly to secure the crease. Repeat this step with the second star. These are now referred to as paper/foil stars.


Step 5

Cut three snips into the points of the foil star.

Cut out the original star traced onto the foil. Cut three long snips into the points of the star.


Step 6

Gluing together the layers and embellishing the star.

Take one paper/foil star with paper side facing down. Add a few glue dots to the center and points of the star. Lay the foil-only star shape on top at a slight rotation. Add some foam 3D dots to the center of the star and line up the second paper/foil star with the first one, with foil side facing out. Press firmly. Use glue dots to embellish the star with sequins and cabochons.


Punch a hole with a hole punch at the tip of one star to strand into a garland or hang from a tree.Tape a ruler and long ribbons to the inside of the star when completing the last step to create a magic wand. Tape an elongated paper clip that has been twisted into a coil around a pencil when completing the last step to create a tree topper.

When you need to cut the foil, do so slowly and try to cut with just one snip of the blades, to prevent tearing.


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