How to Use a Fog Machine Inside a House

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Fog machines are generally safe for indoor use and can be perfect for setting the mood for a party or Halloween event. However, there are several steps you should follow in order to get the best results from using your fog machine in the house.


Step 1

Decide which area of the house you want to use the fog machine in. You will want to choose a place that has plenty of ventilation.

Step 2

Remove valuable items from the room. Although fog machines are fine to use inside the house, they will coat everything in the room with a thin film from fluid used in the machine. Be sure to clear the room of expensive furniture and anything else that might be costly to clean.

Step 3

Check the room for hazardous objects. Remember, your guests will not be able to see as well once the room is filled with fog. Be careful to remove anything that is dangerous or could be tripped over.


Step 4

Choose a safe location to position the machine. Fog machines have a tendency to become hot, so be sure to place the machine away from anything that may present a fire hazard. Be especially careful to avoid placing it near any flammable Halloween decorations.

Step 5

Create good ventilation. If the fog becomes too thick, it may make it difficult to breath or see. Using fans or leaving some doors and windows open should prevent this.

Step 6

Test the fog set-up to make sure it will not set off you smoke detector.

Step 7

Follow your fog machine's specific directions for use. Be sure to purchase the proper fog for the machine.


Although fog fluid is considered safe to breathe, it can cause irritation of the nose and throat in some people. Be aware of any guests who have asthma or may be especially sensitive to fog.

Don't try to create your own fog recipes. They may prove to be harmful or even dangerous to breathe.