How to Hem Scrubs

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Scrubs have become the routine uniform for many professions. Hemming scrubs with a no-sew method is an easy task that can be performed in about thirty minutes. Of course, you can always hem the scrubs with a needle and thread, but using no sew fusible fabric tape is quick and will hold up through multiple washing and drying cycles.


Things You'll Need

  • Straight pins

  • Tape measure

  • Second person (optional)

  • No sew fusible fabric tape

  • Scissors

  • Iron and ironing board

  • Wet dishtowel

  • Fabric glue

Video of the Day

Step 1

Put on the pants. Stand on a hard floor in front of a mirror. Fold the pants leg up inside so the bottom of the fold is at the length you prefer. It might take multiple attempts to get the appropriate length. Insert pins through the fabric to mark the fold; it might be easier to have another person pin the fold.

Video of the Day

Step 2

Remove the pants and turn them inside out. Place the pants onto the ironing board. Work on one leg at a time. The pins indicate the bottom of the leg's hem. You will fold above the pins to create the hem.

Step 3

Fold the pants leg up against the wrong side of the fabric, using the tape measure to ensure that you are folding the bottom at the same height around the leg. If the new hem will make the pants legs more than two inches shorter, use the scissors to cut the excess fabric so the fabric is two inches longer than you need. Fold the end of the pants twice so there are no raw edges, and pin in place.


Step 4

Repeat for the other pants leg. Verify both pants legs are the same length by putting on the pants and checking in the mirror.

Step 5

Iron the fold you've made on the legs. Remove the pins as you iron. You want a very sharp crease to your fold.


Step 6

Measure across the flat pants leg. Cut, with the scissors, a piece of no sew fusible fabric tape according to this measurement. Place the piece of fusible tape inside of the ironed fold on the pants leg about ¼-inch from the top of the hem/fold on one side of the leg.

Step 7

Lay a wet dishtowel over the leg hem fold and iron on a high steam setting. Press firmly so the fusible tape adheres securely to the fabric layers.


Step 8

Cut another piece of fusible tape according to the measurement in Step 6 and repeat the insertion and ironing for the back of the pants leg. Repeat all steps for the second pants leg.

Step 9

Turn the pants right side out and try on. If any of the fusible tape didn't adhere strongly, apply a few drops of fabric glue to the tape and then firmly press the layers of fabric together.



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