How to Replace the Power Cord in a Sears Vacuum Cleaner

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Things You'll Need

  • New cord

  • Phillips head screwdriver

  • Wire cutters

  • Wire strippers

  • Electrician's tape

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Vacuum cleaners, like all appliances, can often outlive their power cords. Sears vacuum cleaners are know for their quality, but they too will have power cords that eventually wear out. As the power cord is the conduit for electricity to pass from the wall outlet to the vacuum, when it is torn or worn down it must be replaced immediately. Using a broken cord could cause serious damage to the vacuum as well a bodily harm in the form of fire or electrocution.


Step 1

Remove all Sears vacuum accessories such as extension tubes, brushes etc. Unplug the machine.

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Step 2

Open the vacuum's outer casing to access the connective end of the power cord.

Step 3

Locate the power cord's connections at the vacuum's motor. Unfasten any clips and remove the power cord from the motor. Depending on the model of vacuum cleaner, this can be done by either unscrewing two connection screws, or cutting the wires 4 inches from where the are soldered into the motor itself.

Step 4

Thread the new power cord into the Sears vacuum. Follow the same route as the previous one. If there were any brackets or clips holding the original cord in place use them on the new cord.

Step 5

Tie a knot in the cord on the inside of the vacuum casing. This insures that it will not accidentally be pulled out of the motor while in use.


Step 6

Connect the new cord to the motor. With wire strippers take off about 1 inch of insulation from the new cord exposing two wires. Twist them around the connection posts and re-fasten the screws, or twist the new cord wires around the 4-inch remnant of the previous cord and seal the wire and connections with electrician's tape.

Step 7

Replace the Sears vacuum's casing and plug it in to test.


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