How to Hook Up Alpine 2-Way Crossovers

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Things You'll Need

  • Speaker wire

  • Amplifier

  • Crimp tool

  • 16 gauge insulated connectors

  • 16 gauge insulated female spade terminals

  • Zip ties

  • Wire cutters

  • Wire strippers

  • Philips or flat head screwdriver

Hooking up an Alpine 2-way crossover is a step towards better car audio.

Alpine is a well-known automotive audio system manufacturer, with price points that span all markets. Component speakers, a type of speaker system normally used in upgraded mobile audio systems, require a 2-way crossover. These devices are network dividers, separating the incoming full-range signal into signals that the individual midrange and tweeter units can handle. In so doing, each driver gets to operate within its intended operating range, potentially avoiding damage while optimizing audio performance.


Step 1

Determine the distance between the system amplifier and the 2-way crossover. Cut this with the wire cutters. Strip 1/2 inch of insulation from the amplifier end of both speaker wires. Loosen the amplifier speaker screws with the appropriate screwdriver. Insert the bare wires under the terminals strips. The speaker wire with the writing or molded ridge is usually used as the positive wire. Tighten the wires down with the screwdriver.


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Step 2

Route the wires within the vehicle, avoiding potential hazards such as floors, seatbelt areas, and anywhere where small stressing or abrasion may occur. This usually means under side trim or tucked within the dash. Secure any loose speaker wire with zip ties every 4 inches.

Step 3

Remove 1/2 inch of insulation from the crossover end of the wires. Locate the section of the speaker terminals labeled "INPUT" or "AMP." Insert the wires leading from the amplifier under this strip, following the same polarity used at the amplifier. Screw these down with the appropriate screwdriver.


Step 4

Cut lengths of wire to connect from the crossover to the woofer and tweeters. Strip 1/2 inch of insulation from both ends of the wires. Crimp a 16 gauge insulated connector onto the tweeter end of the speaker wire leading from the crossover. Insert the wires under the loosened screws labeled "TW" or "TWEETER." Tighten these back down to secure.


Step 5

Strip 1/4 inch of insulation from the wire pigtail leading to the tweeter. Insert this into the other end of the insulated connector, and crimp it securely. Repeat for both tweeters.

Step 6

Crimp a 16 gauge female spade terminal on the ends of the wires leading to the individual woofers. Slide these over the appropriate terminals on the woofer, again following the same polarity observed at the amplifier. Insert the crossover end of the wires into the "WF" or "WOOFER" terminal on the 2-way crossover. Tighten them back down to secure.


Do not make system connections with the car turned on to prevent possible speaker, crossover, or amplifier damage.


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