How to Glue a Magnet to Anything

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Things You'll Need

  • Magnets

  • Double-sided sticky tape

  • Hot glue gun and sticks

  • Super glue

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Apply a magnet to an item to make a decoration. Magnets work will with just about any type of glue or adhesive. Choose an adhesive that works with the material you are using. For example, a magazine cutout or picture looks better on a magnet when tape is used instead of glue. Glue leaves an imprint in the picture. Heavier items, like rocks or gems, need a stronger adhesive, like hot glue or super glue.


Step 1

Have the item you wish to make into a magnet lying upside down on a flat surface. The side the magnet goes on should face up.

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Step 2

Put double-sided sticky tape on the magnet. Press the magnet down onto the item. Press firmly.

Step 3

To use hot glue, plug in the hot glue gun and put a stick inside. Once it's hot enough, squeeze a dot of glue on the center of the back of the item you wish to make a magnet. Press the magnet firmly on the glue. The glue spreads out underneath the magnet. Hot glue dries quickly.

Step 4

To use super glue, apply a thin layer of super glue to the magnet. Press the magnet firmly onto the item. Let it dry before using. Wash any glue residue off immediately.


Hot glue can burn skin, so be careful when using a hot glue gun.


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