How to Dress Like a 50s Nerd

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Things You'll Need

  • High-waisted plaid or striped pants

  • Belt

  • Suspenders

  • White button up shirt with chest pocket

  • Pocket protector

  • Double sided sticky tape

  • Pens

  • Small calculator

  • White tube socks

  • Black dress shoes or loafers

  • Black bow tie

  • Mousse

  • Thick-rimmed glasses

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Dressing up as a nerd from the 1950s can make for a fun, easy Halloween or theme-party costume. Find the clothing at a thrift store. Pick pants that have some type of pattern like stripes or plaid. Stay away from paisley, polka dots or bright colors. Those patterns are more 1960s and 1970s style. Greasing back your hair was popular in the 1950s. Use mousse to grease your hair back-


Step 1

Put on the tube socks, pants and shirt. Pull the pants up as high as you can comfortably wear them. Put on the belt. Put on the suspenders. The suspenders help hold the pants up in the right place. Try to found suspenders with a tacky pattern on them.

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Step 2

Pull the tube socks all the way up. Put on the shoes.

Step 3

Use a comb to part your hair in the middle. Smooth it down with mousse. Take a few strands from the back and apply mousse on them to make them stand up.

Step 4

Apply a piece of double-sided sticky tape to the inside of the pocket protector. Put it in your shirt pocket. Put in the pens and calculator. Press them against the tape to keep them upright.

Step 5

Put on the bow-tie.


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