How to Make Cordless Roman Shades

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Roman shades can look very elegant in a room due to their clean lines and tailored appearance. Making your own roman shades can save you a lot of money. There will also be many more fabric color and print choices. The shades can be made in one afternoon. A common complaint about the roman shade window treatment is the problem with cords tangling. Consider making cordless roman shades. They are easy to maintain and you do not have to worry and fuss over a tangle of cords.


Things You'll Need

  • 3 Closing Hooks

  • Stick-On Hook And Loop Tapes

  • Sewing Machine

  • Sew-On Hook And Loop Tapes

  • Small Curtain Rings

  • Fabric

  • Measuring Tape

  • Wood Batten

  • Hand Needle

Measure and Cut

Step 1

Measure the window's width. Purchase a wood batten board that equals this measurement. Adhere the hook side of stick-on hook and loop tape to batten's front. Mount the batten board above the window with the hooks facing outward.


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Step 2

Measure from the top edge of the batten to the bottom of the window. Add 6 inches. This is your finished length measurement. Add 1/2-inch to the length. Cut the fabric to this measurement.

Step 3

Add 6 inches to the batten width. This is your finished width measurement. Add 1/2-inch to the width. Cut the fabric to this measurement.


Make the Shades

Step 1

Hem the fabric on all four sides with a 1/4 -inch hem allowance. Place the fabric right side down. Pin the loop side of sew-in hook-and-loop tape to the top edge. Stitch.

Step 2

Lay the fabric right side down. Divide and mark the fabric in four vertical sections using 3 lines. Label the lines as A, B and C.


Step 3

Draw x marks every eight inches starting from the bottom of each line and work toward the top. Hand sew curtain rings at each x mark.

Step 4

Hang the shade by joining the loop tape on the shade to the batten's hook tape.


Step 5

Place one closing hook on the bottom ring of each row. Lift the hook in a way that catches the next ring and the next ring. Continue catching rings until your shade is the height you desire. Repeat for the other two rows of rings.


Cords can be added later if you decide you prefer them. Simply mount eyelet screws on the batten board to draw the cords up through.


Do not use a very heavy weight fabric for the roman shades. Heavy fabric will not hang correctly and pull on the batten.



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