How to Thread a Mini Sewing Machine

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Mini sewing machines can meet simple sewing needs or easily teach young ones to sew. If you recently bought a mini sewing machine, the first thing you need to do (after reading your manual) is to thread your machine. Although each model will vary, they all follow the same basic threading procedure--simply omit steps that do not apply to your machine's design.


Step 1

Place the thread on the spool pin.

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Step 2

Pull the thread so that the thread tugs along the back of the spool pin; otherwise, remove from the pin and reposition so that the thread tugs correctly. Pull along the machine's horizontal arm at the top.

Step 3

Place the thread in the machine's thread take-up lever (appears as a hook along a vertical line at the machine's front). Depending on your machine's model, you may also need to tuck it along a hook that appears right before the lever.

Step 4

Thread the needle.


Step 5

If the machine has a lower bobbin, wind the bobbin and then place it securely in the bobbin plate (under the needle or along the side of the machine).

Step 6

Hold the end of the thread in the needle and slowly rotate the needle until it picks up the thread from the lower bobbin. Once the thread comes through the plate, grab the thread from the lower bobbin and pull it the rest of the way through.

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