How to Create a Doctor Costume

How to Create a Doctor Costume. Three out of four doctors surveyed say you don't have to be a doctor to look like one.

Things You'll Need

  • Laboratory Coats

  • Surgical Costumes

  • Toy Bones

  • Shower Caps

  • CDs

  • Elastic Strands

  • Toy Hammers

  • Toy Saws

  • Shower caps

Step 1

Determine your specialty. Are you a brain surgeon, a psychiatrist, a general practitioner?

Step 2

Gather shower caps from hotel visits, or get one from the drugstore for that sterile surgeon look. A psychiatrist? A Hollywood stylist would muss your hair a bit.

Step 3

Glue an old CD to a length of elastic that fits around your forehead. Now you look like the old-fashioned doc with a headlamp.

Step 4

Poke around thrift stores for scrubs or lab coats. In a pinch, an oversize white or kelly green shirt will do.

Step 5

Look for loose cotton PJs in white or green for your bottoms.

Step 6

Snap a couple of those extra shower caps over your shoes for the proper surgeon look.

Step 7

Check out the toy store for a stethoscope, tongue depressor or oversize reflex hammer.

Step 8

Make a button for your lapel that says, "What're Your Symptoms?"

Step 9

Carry a plastic saw, plastic bones or a big candy thermometer for a few extra laughs.

Step 10

Carry a pad, pencil and pipe if you're a shrink.


Don't give out too much advice, and write so no one can understand your handwriting. Check thrift stores first for these items, then tag, garage and jumble sales. Props are readily available and reasonably priced at party supply, toy and craft shops.