How to Wash King-Sized Pillows

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Overt time pillows can become dingy or smelly and need to be cleaned. If you have pets, you may need to clean them more often due to pet hair or pet dander. Washing king-size pillows can be tricky depending on how big your washing machine is as you might need to wash them one at a time. The process is rather simple, however, if you follow a few steps to ensure your pillows are cleaned properly.


Step 1

Determine if your king-size pillows are machine washable. You can find this information on the tag of the pillow. If they are not machine-washable, it will tell you hand wash only. If the pillows are hand wash only, use a wet cloth to wipe them clean, and spray a fabric freshener on them to remove any smells.

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Step 2

Remove the pillowcases from your pillows. You will have to wash these separately in warm water on delicate cycle.

Step 3

Place one king-size pillow in your washing machine so that it wraps around the agitator. If there is room for another pillow on the opposite side of the agitator, place the other pillow in the washer to balance the load. If there is not enough room to fit another king-size pillow, place a towel on the side of the agitator where there is nothing to balance the machine. Running a wash cycle unbalanced can cause unwanted wear and tear to your machine.


Step 4

Turn the washer to the correct settings per the tag on the pillow. You should wash most pillows in warm water, but refer to the tag for specific settings.

Step 5

Pour in the detergent; use half the amount you would for a normal load. Turn the cycle to delicate/gentle cycle, and begin the wash. Repeat these steps as necessary until all pillows are washed.


Step 6

Dry the pillows on the low-heat setting. Dry one pillow at a time to ensure maximum dryness. Allow the pillows to air dry for 24 hours to ensure you have removed all moisture.


Always dry clean down feather pillows since washing them can ruin the pillow.

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