How to Neutralize Black Mold in Hard to Reach Areas

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Black mold is a black, spongy fungus that grows in moist, enclosed areas. While a little mold is not harmful, an abundance of black mold can cause serious allergic reactions, especially if inhaled. Some of its favorite places include crawl spaces, basements and air vents. Not only are these places difficult to reach and clean, they are often difficult to keep clean. Yet, there are ways to neutralize black mold and keep it from returning to your home.


Things You'll Need

  • Rubber Gloves

  • Protective Eyewear

  • Bleach

  • Trash Bag

  • High-Efficiency Filter Dust Mask Or Respirator

  • Ozone Generator

  • Spray Bottle

  • Old Cloths

  • Dehumidifier

  • Bucket

  • Water

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Step 1

Place a dehumidifier as close to the affected area as possible. For mold on the ceiling or in an air vent, place the dehumidifier on a table. Use a small model for crawl spaces. Let the dehumidifier work for about 48 hours.

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Step 2

Mix a solution that is half bleach and half water. Put on protective eyewear, a facemask and rubber gloves. Spray the solution on all visible mold every hour for about four hours, giving the bleach time to work. Do not spend extended periods in small spaces with bleach.

Step 3

Spray bleach solution right into moldy air vents and pay special attention to corners in crawl spaces and spaces behind washers and dryers in basements. Keep the areas well-ventilated if possible and retreat to a mold- and bleach-free area after every application

Step 4

Wipe away the bleach-treated mold with old cloths, using water if necessary to help loosen the mold. Throw away the used cloths; do not wash them as mold particles will spread to your washer and clothing


Step 5

Choose an ozone generator for the affected area. Small generators, no larger than a loaf of bread, are perfect for crawl spaces and placing directly in air vents. Larger generators are necessary for basements.

Step 6

Place an ozone generator in the newly cleaned area. Ozone is a sharp-smelling atmospheric component often produced during a lightning storm. Its high energies kill mold and fungi.


Step 7

Leave the house while the ozone generator is working. Use it for about three hours at time, while grocery shopping or seeing a movie. Ozone dissipates quickly but may be harmful if you are exposed to it directly.


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