How Do I Put an Ektorp Cover in the Dryer?

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Although Ikea recommends only air drying an Ektorp couch cover, it can still be dried in a dryer if you use low heat settings.

An Ektorp cover can be used over an Ikea Ektorp corner sofa. Although the cover is removable and machine washable, the care instructions advice not to tumble dry the cover. They recommend air dry the cover and then ironing it. However, this can be a very time consuming process. To tumble dry involves shrinking risks and because of the size of the cover. However, if you're aware of the risks and take care you help prevent the possible shrinking and still dry the cover in the dryer.


Step 1

Wash the Ektorp cover in hot water with a bleach-free laundry detergent. If the cover fit is snug on the couch or you're concerned about shrinking, you can wash the cover in cool water.

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Step 2

Remove the Ektorp cover from the washing machine. Shake the cover before placing it in the dryer.


Step 3

Set the dryer to either a low heat or air dry setting. Start the dryer.

Step 4

Allow the dryer to run for approximately 15 minutes. Remove the cover and reposition it in the dry. Restart the dryer. Repeat the process every 15 minutes until the cover is dry. The cover is large in size and if it is not repositioned, it will not dry evenly.

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