How to Program a Stanley Holiday Light Timer

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The Stanley holiday Light Timer lets you program when you want your outdoor decorations to light and how long you want them to stay lit. Setting the device takes minutes, and you can change its settings just as quickly. By having your Christmas lights on a timer, you can give the illusion of an occupied house, even while you travel for the holidays. The light timer also saves money by turning the lights off at a set time, so they do not needlessly stay on during the day.


Step 1

Plug the Stanley Light Timer into an outdoor grounded outlet.


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Step 2

Insert the plug for the holiday lights into the outlet on the timer.


Step 3

Turn on the switch for your holiday lights (if there is a switch.)


Step 4

Look at the LED display on the Light Timer. If you see an F, indicating no power to the unit, use another electrical outlet.


Step 5

Press the "select" button until the LED display shows the number of hours (1 through 9) you want your lights to stay on. You do not have to set the timer, as it repeats the indicated cycle every 24 hours. Look for a period after the number to indicate that the lights come on immediately, even during the day.



Step 6

Choose a digit without a period after it for the lights to turn on at dusk and remain lit for the number of hours indicated.


Step 7

Keep your lights on for 24 hours by pressing the select button until an "O" displays.


Step 8

Have the Stanley Light Timer turn the lights on at dusk and off at dawn by choosing "D" with the select button.


Once the chosen program is displayed on the LED screen after selection, you do not have to press any other buttons. As soon as the correct program is displayed, the timer begins that program until you press the select button again to choose another timer option.


Do not plug more than 1,000 watts into the Stanley holiday Light Timer.



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