How to Stuff Chicken Wire for a Float

Things You'll Need

  • Spray adhesive

  • Tissue paper, 4 sheets to a bunch

  • Chicken wire float frame

  • Box

Parades would be just lines of bands and vehicles if it weren't for the vibrant floats that stir the imagination and send gasps of admiration through the crowds. Float building has a long history. According to the Pasadena Tournament of Roses, "The first Tournament of Roses was staged in 1890 by members of Pasadena's Valley Hunt Club…eager to showcase their new home's mild winter weather." It's hard to imagine the spectacular floats we admire have their origins with simple wood, chicken wire and tissue paper.

Step 1

Fold four sheets of tissue paper in half so that the loose ends face the same way, gripping the fold and squeezing it with your hand.

Step 2

Make 10 to 15 of these folded bunches and set near the frame. Making a pile or box full of them is ideal.

Step 3

Spray the area of the chicken wire frame you are working on with the spray adhesive.

Step 4

Push the folded end of one tissue bunch into a hole in the chicken wire.

Step 5

Spray more adhesive onto the chicken wire frame as needed as you push the tissue bunches into the holes.

Step 6

Complete one section at a time, filling in with the appropriate color of tissue paper according to your float's design.


For a thicker “pile” on your float, use more sheets of tissue paper in your bunches, experimenting by inserting the bunches into the chicken wire frame until one has the fullness you desire.


Use spray adhesive in a well-ventilated area to avoid illness from the vapors and fumes.