How to Make a Guidon

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Things You'll Need

  • 2 yards nylon in background color

  • A half yard nylon in lettering color

  • Avery printable fabric sheets

  • Laser printer

  • X-acto knife

  • No-Fray

  • Mighty Mend-It or other fabric glue

  • Sewing machine

A guidon is a military-style flag that displays the insignia of a particular group within the Armed Forces. Guidons made to military regulations feature an overall field that is 20 inches by 27.5 inches, with either a shallow or deep triangular divot in the end. Each group's guidon requires specific background colors, lettering and symbols. Before you begin working on your guidon, research your group's design requirements.


Step 1

Cut two 21- by 28.5-inch rectangles of nylon from your background color. An extra inch is added to the dimensions for a half-inch seam allowance on each side.

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Step 2

Cut a 21- by 2-inch strip of the same nylon. This will become the sleeve for fitting the guidon onto a staff.


Step 3

Cut out the shallow or deep divot from both background pieces, if included in your guidon pattern.

Step 4

Cut your lettering from the lettering nylon using the X-acto knife. Be sure to cut the same letters for both sides of the guidon, as the design is duplicated on the back.


Step 5

Apply a thin layer of No-Fray to the edges of all the letters.

Step 6

Print graphic designs on the Avery printable fabric sheets using your laser printer and following the specific instructions found on the packaging.


Step 7

Cut the excess fabric from the graphic with the X-acto knife and apply No-Fray to the edges.

Step 8

Place the lettering and graphics onto the front and back sides of the guidon, making sure they are properly aligned. Double check that you are working with the correct side of the back panel. The divot should be on the left.


Step 9

Apply Mighty Mend-It or other fabric glue to the underside of each letter of graphic separately, holding it firmly in place until dry.

Step 10

Hand sew each letter and graphic in place using a whip stitch.


Step 11

Sew the front to the back of the guidon by facing the right sides together and stitching around three sides. Leave the side that faces the staff open for now. Turn the guidon right-side out before continuing on.

Step 12

Sew a hem on the top and bottom of the sleeve for the staff.


Step 13

Attach the sleeve to the guidon by folding the half-inch seam allowance under on the guidon fabric and slipping the sleeve into the pocket made by the guidon. Stitch down.


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