How to Dress for a '70s Disco

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A '70s disco party conjures up thoughts of "Saturday Night Fever," the Bee-Gees, Studio 54, and singers and stars that were '70s fashion icons. You can easily find costume items online, at a costume store, in the back of your or your parents' closet or at a second-hand store. Combine several fashion items from throughout the decade to create an authentic '70s look.

Things You'll Need

  • Wig
  • '70s clothing

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Wear bold colors. Women and men in the '70s often wore shirts and pants with colorful patterns and bright colors.

Wear bell bottom pants. Women often wore bell bottoms but also wore short mini-skirts or dresses. Wide pants were a key fashion piece for the '70s disco scene.

Men wore fitted, collared shirts accompanied by a jacket or vest. The jacket sleeves should be flared at the cuffs for a '70s feel. Some men unbuttoned their shirts about halfway down their chest to reveal chest hair.

Women wore loose-fitting shirts or dresses with psychedelic patterns. The sleeves on women's shirts should also be flared.

Wear a wig with a '70s hairstyle. Women had big curly hair, such as an Afro or Farah Fawcett-style curls, or long, straight hair that was teased. You can use a bight-colored headband as a hair accessory, if desired. Men often had shoulder-length hair, an Afro or short hair with volume.

Wear '70s accessories to complete your look. Men wore thick-rimmed glasses or small round glasses with colored lenses. Consider wearing a hat or headband, peace sign necklace and other shiny, brightly colored jewelry.

Finish off your look with perfect disco shoes. Women wore platforms and go-go boots. Men could wear a smaller platform shoe. Look for white shoes or colored and patterned shoes.

Tips & Warnings

  • For costume ideas, watch the "Austin Powers" movies.
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