How to Make Wire Candle Snuffer

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Things You'll Need

  • Safety glasses

  • Wire, 10-gauge or similar, approximately 4 feet in length

  • Wire cutters

  • Needle-nose pliers

  • Coil template (or small funnel)

  • Sandpaper or file

  • Wooden dowel, 1/2-inch diameter and 12 inches long (optional)

  • Small eyehook (optional)

  • Metal beads (optional)

Eliminate spattered wax caused by blowing out candles by creating an elegant and functional wire snuffer from heavy wire, such as copper or stainless steel. This relatively simple and inexpensive project requires minimal materials and provides a satisfying result, making it suitable for young people as well as adults.


Step 1

Put on the safety glasses. Cut a piece of wire approximately 18 inches long using the wire cutters. Turn 1 inch of one end of the wire into a loop using pliers.

Step 2

Shape the wire into a tight coil with a coil template, placing the loop at the center of the coil. Use the outside of a small metal funnel if a coil template is not available.

Step 3

Remove the coil from the template. Hold the looped end at the center of the coil with one hand and gently pull down the outside edge of the coil with the other so it creates a bell shape.


Step 4

Smooth and round the outside end of the wire with sandpaper or a fine file.

Step 5

Cut a piece of wire approximately 2 feet long from the remaining wire. Bend in the middle and bring the ends together. This forms the snuffer's handle.

Step 6

Slide the ends through the loop at the top of the bell. Bend the handle ends into a loop with pliers to secure the bell to the handle.


A wire candle snuffer conducts heat away from the wick, lowering the temperature to below the wick’s ignition point. Slight openings in the coiled bell will not impact the effectiveness of the snuffer and will add interest to its appearance.

A dowel makes an easy wooden handle. Insert a screw eye in one end and hook the loop at the top of the bell through the screw eye.

Form more ornate handles with loops or filigrees if desired. Use more than two lengths of wire for the handle for more strength or to make more ornate designs, if desired.

This simple design does allow for variation and artistry. Experiment with various kinds of wire in different combinations. Twist the wire of the bell into a more ornate design.

Add metal beads to the ends for a more decorative and finished look.

Make a do-it-yourself coil template with a 1-foot square piece of heavy plywood and nails. Hammer the nails into the plywood in a tight spiral pattern.


Cut ends of wire can inflict cuts. Handle the wire with care and supervise younger crafters. Exercise caution with tools.