How to Make a Michael Myers Halloween Costume

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Things You'll Need

  • Navy mechanics suit

  • Heavy work boots

  • Fake rubber knife

Some stores sell Michael Myers masks.
Image Credit: Tim Boyle/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Michael Myers, the murderous star of the "Halloween" movie franchise, is a perfect Halloween costume. His face is all white, and there's nothing fancy about his outfit. Use a Myers photo as a guide, but if the face, hair and basic uniform are right, trick-or-treaters should be able to tell who you are.


Step 1

Apply some stains to the mechanic's suit. Myers is usually seen in this suit, and the stains represent blood. Keep the knife in a pocket. Walk around in the boots to ensure you can wear them comfortably.

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Step 2

Use makeup to paint your face white. If you prefer to stay hidden behind a mask, paint any plain mask white.


Step 3

Fix your own brown hair to stand upright. If you do not have wiry brown hair, wear a wig.

Step 4

Perfect his body language. Michael doesn't talk. Tilt your head slowly to one side when someone is talking to you. Walk stiffly; Michael is never loose and never runs.


For special effects, occasionally play the "Halloween" theme song. Keep it queued up on a tape recorder hidden in a pocket of the jumpsuit.


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