How to Run the Thread in a Morse Sewing Machine

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Sewing Machine

If you have an old Morse sewing machine that is still in working order, take advantage of this superior quality and put it to work in creating beautiful handmade items. Over the years, the manual may have disappeared. Do not let this stop you from using the machine, however. Thread the sewing machine properly and get the Morse busy making something to use or wear.


Step 1

Place the spool of thread onto the spool holder with the thread going in a clockwise direction and coming along to the front of the machine.

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Step 2

Pull the thread over to the first thread guide at the top back of the machine. Pass the thread straight across the machine to the second guide at the front top of the machine.

Step 3

Lead the thread straight down the front of the machine to the tension discs at the front center of the machine. Pull the thread around the discs and then up to the left to pass them through the tension discs.

Step 4

Hold the end of the thread diagonally over near the spool. Grasp the thread with the other hand, back closer to the tension discs in the front, and pull the thread straight up to thread it through the loop on the side of the tension discs. The thread should pass over the loop, go down and then go under the spring mechanism.


Step 5

Pull the thread up to the hole of the take-up lever and pass it through the hole from right to left.

Step 6

Pass the thread down through the second-to-last thread guide, which is in the front of the machine, several inches above the needle. Then, pass the thread through the loop immediately above the needle.

Step 7

Insert the thread into the needle from the front to the back. Pull the thread tail out approximately 6 inches to finish.

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