How to Thread a Bobbin in a White Sewing Machine

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Things You'll Need

  • White sewing machine

  • Thread

  • Scissors

Sewing Machine

If you can't remember how to thread the bobbin of your White sewing machine and have lost the instruction manual, do not despair. Most White machines are similarly constructed and work much the same way. Pop the bobbin out of the chamber, wind it with the thread of your choice and replace it in the sewing machine. Threading it from this point is a straightforward process.


Step 1

Hold the bobbin case in your left hand with the hinged latch facing to the left and the opening facing to the right. Grasp the filled bobbin in your right hand with about 3 inches of thread extending from the bobbin. The thread must go around the bobbin in a clockwise direction.

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Step 2

Insert the bobbin into the bobbin case and pull the thread into the slot on the side of the bobbin case.

Step 3

Continue to pull the thread through the slot until it passes through a tension spring. Pull out several more inches of thread so the thread tail is approximately 5 inches long.

Step 4

Make sure the sewing machine needle is all the way up.


Step 5

Hold the bobbin case by the hinged latch and make sure the thread tail extends down the right edge of the bobbin case. Open the bobbin compartment.

Step 6

Insert the bobbin case into the bobbin compartment by fitting it in. Find the small notch where the top of the bobbin case fits. Let go of the hinged latch and fold it back onto the bobbin case. Close the bobbin compartment.


Step 7

Grasp the top thread and turn the hand wheel on the side of the sewing machine toward you. Turn until the needle goes up and down several times, and then pull carefully on the thread. This pulling should bring up the lower bobbin thread.

Step 8

Pull the upper and lower threads together and extend them out toward the back of the sewing machine to begin sewing.


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