How To Make Adult Costumes

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Things You'll Need

  • Sweat shirts and pants, or T-shirts and colored tights

  • Everyday clothing, shoes, pantyhose

  • Simple props

How To Make Adult Costumes

Do you need an adult costume in a hurry? There's no need to panic. Maybe you just got a call from a friend inviting you to an impromptu gathering for which costumes are appropriate. Or maybe you're planning to attend a costume or Halloween party at the last minute. There's no need to spend a lot of money. After all, the costume might only be worn once or twice. Even if you're not very good with sewing or other needle crafts, you can still create a clever, memorable and economical costume for yourself. Everyday garments, simple props and thrift stores can be your best friends for these easy adult costumes.


Step 1

Put on pink sweats so that you'll look like bubble gum. Place one of your lightweight shoes on the top of your head. Cut a leg from a pair of pantyhose and use it to secure the shoe into place by wrapping it around the top of the shoe and tying a bow under your chin. Can everyone see that you are "Gum on My Shoe?"

Step 2

For a doggy costume, stuff a long black sock with other socks to make a tail, and pin it to the backside of black sweatpants. Pin two black socks to either side of the hood of a black sweatshirt for floppy ears. Pull black socks on over your hands to make front paws, and wear black sneakers. Paint a puppy dog nose and some whiskers on your face, and wear a brightly colored nylon dog collar, if you wish.


Step 3

Choose everyday clothes or a sweat suit, and turn them inside out. Secure socks and dryer sheets all over them with safety pins. Pin some dryer sheets to your sneakers, because they get "Static Cling," too.

Step 4

Stick a plastic knife through the front of empty miniature cereal boxes from an assortment pack. Use safety pins to secure them to a jacket, or preferably, a trench coat. Jeans are OK to wear with this costume, but dark sunglasses are a fashion must to complete the "Cereal Killer" ensemble.


Step 5

Wear purple sweats or tights. Gel your hair excessively on the top of your head, and form it into a point, if possible, for a horn. If not, just wear a pointed paper party hat, painted purple. Draw or paint a single large, ugly eyeball in the center of your forehead. The "One-Eyed, One-Horned Flying Purple People Eater" will need utensils, so tie a plastic fork, spoon and knife to a long shoe lace, and wear them around your neck.

Step 6

Collect some lint and break it into smaller pieces to create a "Dryer Lint" costume. You can probably get some extra lint from friends, or ask your local laundromat attendant for a lint donation. Use spray adhesive to attach pieces of it to an old gray sweat suit, a ratty hat and some old mismatched socks. Pin some old socks here and there on the costume, and wear a pair on your hands.


Even the simplest props can make a fun outfit. Use your imagination.


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