How to Sew a Buttonhole on a Bernina

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Things You'll Need

  • Bernina sewing machine

  • Buttonhole presser foot

  • Scissors

  • Liquid fray preventer

Standard buttonhole symbol

Bernina sewing machines have featured an automatic buttonhole-making function since 1954. Many models will create precise buttonholes with the touch of a button. Specific techniques to create a buttonhole using the automatic feature can vary slightly depending upon the model of sewing machine being used, so take some time to familiarize yourself with your particular sewing machine. Fortunately, Bernina sewing machines are clearly marked, and finding the buttonhole feature should be easily accomplished with minimal effort.


Step 1

Equip the sewing machine with a buttonhole presser foot. The most common buttonhole feet for Bernina sewing machines are Foot #3 and Foot #3A, either of which will work.

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Step 2

Select the proper size buttonhole on the machine. This may involve a dial or a button, depending on the model you are using. The buttonhole feature should be marked with the standard buttonhole symbol.

Step 3

Line the needle up at the top center of the desired buttonhole. Press the button to begin the automatic buttonhole. The needle will move forward, creating one side of the buttonhole, and then back up to the starting position to finish it.

Step 4

Remove the fabric from the sewing machine, and cut open the buttonhole with scissors, taking care not to cut any of the stitching.

Step 5

Apply liquid fray preventer to the cut edges of the buttonhole to prevent fraying.


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