How to Make a Crab Costume

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Things You'll Need

  • Red Turtleneck

  • Red tights

  • Red skirt

  • Red pants

  • Red mittens

  • Two Styrofoam balls

  • Felt (to make four 6- to 8-inch strips)

  • Black marker

  • Wire

  • Red shoes

  • 4 feet of red fabric

  • Red thread

  • Needle

Making a crab costume is extremely simple. In fact, it is so simple that you can do it with your child, and he or she will feel totally included in the process. You can also make your own crab costume for office events or a costume party so that, when your friends or co-workers call you "crabby," they won't be just talking through their hats.


Making a Crab Costume

Step 1

Purchase a red turtleneck and red pants (for boys) or a red skirt and tights (for girls). This will serve as the base of the costume.

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Step 2

Purchase a pair of red tennis shoes. Sometimes these can be difficult to find, but several manufacturers make them.


Step 3

Purchase a red headband. Cut four strips of red felt and glue two strips to cover each pre-cut wire (front and back). The wire should be no longer than about 6 to 8 inches to avoid injury to others when wearing the costume. Wrap the wire around the headband so that the two pieces are sticking up like eyes.


Step 4

Buy two Styrofoam balls and color black dots on them for eyes. Stick them on the top of the wires on the head band, both dots face the same direction.

Step 5

Purchase a pair of red mittens for claws. You can also make your own with a red pillow case. Put the pillow case on your hand and loop a red ribbon over your hand so that it goes between your thumb and fingers, over your palm and then makes a loop around your wrist. Tie it off.


Step 6

Cut four strips of red fabric, each about 1 foot long. With a needle and thread, sew the tops of each piece of fabric to the arms of the turtleneck so that they will hang toward the ground. Sew two on each arm, about 8 to10 inches apart. These will serve as the crab's extra feelers.


Make sure the ends of your wire are always fully covered when the costume is worn to prevent injuries.



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