How to Make Thong Underwear

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Things You'll Need

  • Lace or fabric

  • Paper

  • Pins

  • Scissors

  • Needle and thread or sewing machine

  • Square of cotton fabric

  • 1/4-inch elastic

  • Embellishments (optional)

Make Thong Underwear

Beautiful couture thong underwear can be a woman's sexy secret. Unfortunately, it can be rather expensive, costing sometimes upwards of $20 a pair. A cheap alternative is to make your own pair of sensual thong undergarments. You can have an elaborate and intricate pair of underwear, without breaking the bank.


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Step 1

Decide what kind of thong you want to make. Do you want a lace thong or a plain cotton thong? A plain cotton thong is a good choice if you want to add embellishments, while a lace thong can be a bit more sophisticated and sexy.

Step 2

Trace the front of pair of thong underwear that fits you comfortably onto your chosen fabric. Or, trace the pattern onto a piece of paper and then pin it to the fabric. This is especially helpful when working with lace. Cut out the fabric.


Step 3

Lay your underwear flat. Measure its width and height. Draw a T with those dimensions on your fabric or onto a piece of paper you will pin on the fabric. Make sure the vertical part of the T is exactly in the middle of the horizontal part. You can make the vertical line as thick or as thin as you wish. A thicker line is often more comfortable to wear. Cut out the piece.


Step 4

Sew the front and back together, attaching firmly at the hips and crotch area. You can hand sew or use a sewing machine.

Step 5

Attach a lining for the crotch, if desired. Take a piece of cotton and cut it to fit within the crotch area of the thong. Sew both the top and bottom of the cotton piece with a simple running stitch.


Step 6

Place a 1/4-inch band of elastic around the top of the thong. Place the elastic at the top, fold the fabric over the elastic and sew.

Step 7

Decorate your thong, if desired. Have fun with embellishments in different patterns. Rhinestones are a fun and flirty. If you use rhinestones, hand wash your thong, as rhinestones will fall off in the washing machine.


For a no-sew project, take a pair of your underwear and cut the back into a thong shape.