How to Make a Prom Flower Bouquet

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Things You'll Need

  • Fresh flowers

  • Scissors

  • Floral tape

  • Ribbon

Prom flower bouquets can be expensive in stores, so why not do it yourself? Many girls want to carry a nosegay (a small bouquet) with them to prom. You can use fresh flowers from your garden or buy them at the grocery store and turn them into a beautiful nosegay for her. They don't need to be roses either, with a little creativity and some ribbon, almost any flower will look lovely in a bouquet. Once you arrange them to complement her dress, you'll have a quality bouquet that could be sold in any store.


Step 1

Choose the flowers. Roses are traditional but if she'd like something a little different, consider orchids, daisies, tulips, daffodils, hydrangeas, lilies or delphiniums. Be creative. Depending on how big the bouquet is, you will want one to three types of flowers. Choose one flower to be the centerpiece, where the eye is drawn, and others to be complementary background flowers. The centerpiece flower will be the one with the most striking color or look. Baby's breath is a good filler if you feel the bouquet is lacking something.

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Step 2

Choose one to four colors for the bouquet. You want the flowers to look nice with her dress, so find out what her color scheme is and work with it. However, don't make her a bouquet that is the exact same color as her outfit. If her dress is red, you might choose more white flowers. Complementary colors can look quite striking. For example, you could match purple with yellow or blue with orange. If you want to go for a sweeter, more subtle look, choose some flowers that match her dress and pair them with other flowers of similar hues along with white flowers for contrast. For example, if her dress is pink, a bouquet could include some light pink, darker pink, purple and white flowers.


Step 3

Decide how large you want the bouquet to be. Some prom bouquets are as small as a corsage, with two to four flowers nicely arranged and some are more sizable. Think about which flower you want to be most prevalent and buy or cut accordingly.

Step 4

Arrange the flowers carefully.You want to have a particular color or flower that will draw the eye. Arrange these so they are spread out and surround them with the complementary flowers of your choice. For example, if you have chosen a bouquet of pink roses, intersperse them with baby's breath. If you have chosen a bouquet of purple and yellow daisies, the yellow is likely to stand out more. Make sure there are fewer yellow daisies in this bouquet and arrange them throughout the purple flowers.


Step 5

Cut the stems to a length that is slightly longer than the length of your hand when you hold the bouquet. You want her to hold the flowers with ease. Use floral tape, which you can buy at any florist's shop, to tape around the stems. Choose a thick ribbon that either matches a color in the bouquet or complements it. Wrap the ribbon all the way around the stems from the very bottom and tie it in a bow at the top near the flower heads. Voila! You have a beautiful prom bouquet.


Complete steps four and five on the day or evening of the prom. You can complete step four and place the bouquet in water before moving on to step five. If necessary, put the bouquet in the refrigerator to keep it fresh.


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