How to Easily Make Cheap Decoupage Paste

Things You'll Need

  • Container with lid

  • White glue

Decoupage is the art of permanently affixing paper or fabric onto a solid surface using a clear, glossy paste. There is no end to the results that can be achieved through decoupage. You can decorate a table in childhood photographs, cover a wooden chair with images of Elvis or adorn wooden bangles with delicate origami paper. Decoupage is a fun craft; the glue is inexpensive and simple to make.

Step 1

Remove the lid of the container and confirm that the inside is clean. The container can be anything from an old jelly jar to a margarine tub, as long as it is relatively airtight.

Step 2

Mix equal parts ordinary white glue and water to make the decoupage paste. Start by filling one-third of your container with white glue. You can use less or more depending on how much paste you think you need.

Step 3

Pour in an equal amount of water. If you filled one-third of your container with glue, fill another one-third with water.

Step 4

Stir the paste until it is uniformly smooth. Put the lid on the container until you need the paste.


To apply your decoupage paste, paint a thin layer on the object to be decoupaged and lay your image on top. Smooth out any air bubbles and then paint a thin layer of paste over the image. Layer images for best results. A sponge-tip craft brush is ideal for decoupage because it leaves no brush lines or bristles behind. Don't be afraid to vary the proportions of glue to water for your project.

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