How to Glue Printed Labels Onto CDs or DVDs

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Things You'll Need

  • CD

  • Glue stick

  • CD spool

  • Scissors

  • Printed label

If you plan on burning your own music or data CD, you may wish to add a label to it to make it more personalized. CD labels can be purchased from the store, but they are a lot more expensive than normal paper. A cheap and easy alternative is to print the labels on plain paper and stick them to the CD yourself.


Step 1

Cut out the label you have printed to the same size as your CD. Cut a hole in the center of the label that is the same size as the hole in CD. To get a hole in the center of the label, place it on top of the CD and use a pencil to poke through where the hole on the CD is. Use scissors to trim the rest of the way.

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Step 2

Use a glue stick to evenly coat the back of the CD label. Make sure you go all the way to the edges of the label and that there are no clumps.

Step 3

Place the label with the glue facing up onto the CD spool.


Step 4

Place the CD with the data side up onto the spool and press it firmly onto the label.

Step 5

Take the CD off of the spool and smooth down as necessary. Allow to dry completely.


Use a label creating software to print out a label outline that already fits the CD.


Do not glue your label to the data side of the CD, as this will ruin the CD. Never put a CD in a player if the label is not glued all the way to the edge. This could cause the label to come off in the player and ruin it.



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