How to Repair the Foot Control for a Sewing Machine

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Things You'll Need

  • Sewing machine

  • Flat knife or flathead screwdriver

A sewing machine is a wonderful thing to have in the house. Whether you are accustomed to sewing major projects, or you're simply hemming pants, a sewing machine can be incredibly useful, eventually becoming a necessity. As with every piece of equipment, problems can arise. One frequent issue with sewing machines is that the foot control can often malfunction. Here are some tips for solving your foot control problems.

Step 1

Unplug the machine plug and wall plug on the sewing machine.

Step 2

Check the power cord for cracks, burns, or faulty contacts as this could be a possible reason for the foot control not working.

Step 3

Open the foot control by using a knife or flat surface tool, such as a flathead screwdriver, to pry open the corner of the foot control.

Step 4

Check the wires to see if they are disconnected; this can happen if the foot control drops to the ground. To check wires, remove the circuit board using a flat knife. Inspect the wires inside the foot control. You will see some wires that are soldered together. Check to see if there are any broken wires, as this could be the problem. If the wire is broken, clean the area to remove any debris or dirt. Remove a small amount of the insulation before soldering. Solder wires together.

Step 5

When you are done, reassemble the foot control and make sure it's working again.


Always unplug the sewing machine before working on it.