Decorate a Straw Hat with the Perfect Summer Saying

Ah, summer: it's the time of year when you want to spend every single day out in the sunshine. And whether or not you're soaking up rays in your backyard or on a holiday, now is the time to take it easy. Let everyone know that you're hanging loose with this playful straw hat. You can wear it to the beach, by the pool or under a shaded tree, and you won't have to explain how you feel — the phrase on your hat's wide brim will say it for you.

(Image: Beth Huntington)

Things You'll Need

  • Straw hat
  • Phrase copied onto paper
  • Scissors
  • Carbon paper and stylus 
  • Fine line permanent marker (optional)
  • Craft glue
  • Sequin ribbon
  • Needle and invisible thread
(Image: Beth Huntington)

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Step 1: Transfer the Lettering onto the Hat

Print the saying "vacay all day" on paper using a fun script font. The type used in this project is a free font called "Autumn Chant" printed in 160 pt. Or, if you're really talented, you can write the saying in your own handwriting. Once the type is printed, cut around the words and position them on the brim of the hat. Place the carbon paper under the words, and use a stylus to write over the lettering, transferring the font to the hat.

(Image: Beth Huntington)
(Image: Beth Huntington)


  • If you don't have a piece of carbon paper and a stylus, you can use a fine-point permanent marker to poke holes in the lettering every millimeter or so. This is another effective way to transfer the words to the brim of the hat.

Step 2: Adhere the Sequin Ribbon to the Script

Focusing on one letter at a time, run a bead of craft glue along the outline and lay the sequin ribbon on top. Cut the ribbon at the end of each word, and add extra glue under the last sequin to keep the strand from unraveling.

(Image: Beth Huntington)

Continue to adhere the sequin ribbon to each letter with the craft glue. Let the glue dry overnight to make sure the sequins are completely attached.

(Image: Beth Huntington)

Step 3: Tack the Sequin Ribbon to the Hat's Brim

To really make sure that the sequin ribbon stays attached, use a needle and invisible thread to hand-tack the ribbon to the brim of the hat.

(Image: Beth Huntington)
(Image: Beth Huntington)

Step 4: It's Time to "Vacay"

Throw on your new hat, and "vacay all day" no matter where you are!

(Image: Beth Huntington)
(Image: Beth Huntington)
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