How to Make Ribbon Candy Ornaments

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Things You'll Need

  • Scissors

  • Glue

  • Ruler

  • Marker

  • Needle

  • Thread

  • Ribbon (30 inches, 1 1/2 inches wide or larger)

  • Two beads (preferably white)

Make Ribbon Candy Ornaments

Ribbon candy ornaments are a favorite for Christmas trees everywhere. So why spend the money on them if you don't have to? This is a simple craft that even kids can do, and they'll look great at Christmas, and year-round. Read on to learn how to make ribbon candy instruments.


Step 1

Cut a piece of your chosen ribbon that is 30 inches long. At each end of your ribbon cut a V-shape. You can spread a drop of glue over the edges, and let dry, to keep them from unraveling.

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Step 2

Mark a dot 1 inch from the end of the ribbon, in the center. From there go 2 inches and mark a second dot. Continue like this, marking every 2 inches, until you reach the end.

Step 3

Thread the needle and tie your white bead to the end of the thread.

Step 4

Pull the needle up through the first dot. Fold the ribbon over loosely and sew through the second dot. Keep folding the ribbon back and forth, sewing through each dot until you reach the end. Make sure to keep the ribbon loose for a flowing look. Once you reach the end, drop your second bead onto the needle and bring the thread over and back through the bead again. This will hold it in place.

Step 5

Make a loop for hanging with the remaining thread. Tie it, and cut off any excess. Now just add a hook and you're ready to decorate.


Striped ribbon, especially in red and white, looks the most realistic and Christmas-like at the same time. Add beads for decoration in between the layers of ribbon.


Watch small children to make sure they don't stick themselves with the needle.


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