How to Thread a Euro Pro Shark Sewing Machine

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Things You'll Need

  • Euro Pro Shark Sewing Machine

  • Spool of thread

Thread a Euro Pro Shark Sewing Machine

While all sewing machines serve the same purpose of providing machine-quality construction to apparel and home fashions, they are not built the same. Sewing machine construction and functionality may vary from manufacturer to manufacturer and even across the different models a manufacturer produces. As a result, the threading mechanisms of sewing machines vary, making the threading process for each sewing machine on the market slightly different from each other. This guide will provide a basic instruction for threading a Euro Pro Shark Sewing Machine.


Step 1

Place spool of thread on the spool pin, found inside the carrying handle on the top right side of the machine facing the back.

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Step 2

Lead thread through the upper thread guide, located just beyond the machine's handle.


Step 3

Lead thread through the second upper thread guide, found a few spaces to the left of the first upper thread guide mentioned in Step 2.

Step 4

Bring thread around the second upper thread guide down into the thread guide.


Step 5

Lead thread toward you down through the tension discs.

Step 6

Continue to pull thread down through the slit. Forming a "U" shape, bring thread back up the left side of the guide, catching the check spring as the thread moves back up through the guide on the left side.


Step 7

Bring thread up to the take-up lever and insert thread through the eye of the lever in a right-to-left motion.

Step 8

Lead thread downwards, slipping it down through the horizontal thread guide.


Step 9

Guide thread through the wire thread guide that is attached to the needle clamp.

Step 10

Insert thread through needle from front to back, pulling thread four to six inches to create a thread extension. The machine is now threaded.


If you are working with a small spool of thread, it may be easier to place the spool on the bobbin winder spool for stability.



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