How to Make a Circus Ringmaster Costume

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Things You'll Need

  • Red lightweight suit jacket

  • Gold sequins

  • Fabric glue

  • White slacks or shorts

  • White poet shirt

  • Red bowtie

  • Top hat

  • Cane

  • Black dress shoes

  • Fake mustache

  • Tuxedo jacket

  • Gold trim

  • Tuxedo pants

  • Cummerbund

  • Striped vest

  • Ascot

  • Whip

  • Cape

  • Knee boots

  • Needle

  • Thread

  • Black body suit leotard

  • Fishnet stockings

  • Corset

  • High-heeled shoes

Make a Circus Ringmaster Costume

Ringmaster outfits are great for costume parties, Halloween and circus-themed events. Anyone can make believable looking ringmasters. The costume can easily be made with items from your closet, the thrift store, and a few accents from the local sewing or crafts store.


Red, White and Gold!

Step 1

Get a red lightweight suit jacket to start this costume. Glue gold sequins to the lapels to make it more flashy.

Step 2

Add white slacks to the costume. White shorts will also work well for girls.

Step 3

Choose a white poet shirt with ruffled collar. Add a bowtie to match the jacket.


Step 4

Add a top hat and cane. Put on a pair of black dress shoes. For boys, you can add a fake handlebar mustache as well.

The Formal Look

Step 1

Get a tuxedo jacket with long tails. It should be in a bold color like white, gold or red. To jazz up your tuxedo jacket a bit more, add gold trim to your standard tuxedo jacket.

Step 2

Add standard tuxedo pants. Then put on a bold cummerbund to and a flashy tuxedo vest with red and white stripes.


Step 3

Add a top hat, ascot, white shirt, whip and cape.

Step 4

Put on a pair of knee boots.

Just For Ladies

Step 1

Get a tuxedo jacket with tails. It can be either a standard black or a bold color. Sew sequins to the collar and lapel of the jacket.

Step 2

Put on a black body suit leotard under the tuxedo jacket with fishnet stockings. Decorate the front of the leotard with gold trim.


Step 3

Add a corset, top hat and cane.

Step 4

Put on a pair of high-heeled shoes or boots.