How to Refill a Tiki Torch

Things You'll Need

  • Tiki-approved fuel

  • Small funnel

Tiki torches lend a festive look to any outdoor evening party, giving a warm welcoming glow to your backyard party area. You'll be pleased to learn that it's not too complicated to refill a tiki torch; you can master the process in minutes. Before you know it, your tiki torches will be full of fuel again, ready for the evening festivities.

Step 1

Make sure the tiki torch is cool to the touch. Never try to refill a warm or hot tiki torch.

Step 2

Grasp the ring that the wick comes out of with one hand while holding the torch securely with your other hand.

Step 3

Turn the ring counterclockwise. It will unscrew from the base; set it aside on a clean dry surface.

Step 4

Place the small end of a funnel into the opening on the top of the tiki torch.

Step 5

Pour the replacement fuel slowly into the wide end of the funnel, taking care not to spill it on the sides of the torch or on your hand.

Step 6

Replace the cap and wick by screwing it in clockwise until tight.

Step 7

Clean the funnel with soap and water and store it in a dry place until you need to refill your tiki torches again.


Never smoke around open fuel containers.