How to Gift Wrap a Box Lid

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Things You'll Need

  • Box with a lid

  • Gift wrap

  • Pencil

  • Ruler

  • Scissors

  • Clear tape

Wrapping the bottom and lid of the box separately has many advantages.

Gift wrapping can involve creativity and imagination. Instead of simply wrapping a gift, it can be nice to take it an extra step and make the gift look special. One way to do this is to place the gift in a box with a lid and then wrap the bottom and lid of the box separately. Not only does this create an attractively wrapped gift, but you are also making it simple for your recipient to open the gift. They may even save the wrapped box because it looks so pretty.


Step 1

Place the gift wrap on a flat work surface with the blank side facing up.

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Step 2

Center the box lid on the gift wrap.

Step 3

Use the pencil to trace around the lid.

Step 4

Measure the depth of the box lid and add 1 inch to this measurement.

Step 5

Add the measurement from Step 4 to the box lid shape you drew in Step 3. For example, if the depth of your box lid is 2 inches, add 3 inches to the area of the shape drawn on your wrapping paper. Keep the original shape and the new larger shape drawn on the wrapping paper.


Step 6

Cut a diagonal slit in each corner to the inner dotted line (the original shape of the box lid).

Step 7

Fold in the edge of one long side of the gift wrap to the inside of the box lid. Secure the paper with pieces of tape.


Step 8

Fold in the opposite long edge of the gift wrap to the inside of the box lid and secure it with tape.

Step 9

Repeat the same folding technique with the two short sides of the box lid to finish wrapping the box lid.


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