How to Make a Paper Elf Hat

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Even small children can make a paper elf hat.
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Use basic construction paper to make a new hat for an elf decoration or create an elf hat to wear with a costume for Halloween or Christmas. Even beginners can make a paper elf hat. Your entire family can join in to create elf hats for a whimsical family photo or festive event.


Gathering Elf Hat Supplies

To make an elf hat for a doll, child or adult, collect colored construction paper, neutral tone construction paper, scissors, craft glue, staples and a fluffy pom-pom. If making a small hat for an elf doll, use a small pom-pom, otherwise a larger pom-pom will work.


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Forming the Elf Hat

Placing a sheet of colored construction paper lengthwise in front of you, fold the top two corners of the paper over so that they meet in the middle of the page. This should create one large triangle with two triangular flaps. Gently press the folds, letting the top edges of the triangular flaps touch. There will be a strip of excess paper along the bottom edge.


Trim off this bottom strip of paper with scissors. Where the two triangle flaps meet, glue the edges to make a seam. Allow the glue to dry completely. Once dry, place your hand inside of the hat and shape it into a cone, which will act as the base of the elf hat. This hat size will fit children and most adults. If you need a small hat for an elf doll, or a larger hat for someone with a big head, repeat this process with a smaller or larger piece of colored construction paper as necessary.


Decorating the Elf Hat

Use scissors to cut out two pointed ear shapes from a sheet of neutral tone construction paper, such as brown, black, tan or pink. Make the ear shapes as large, small, detailed or basic as you want. Staple or glue the ear shapes on either side of the elf hat with the pointed ends facing up. Glue the pom-pom on to the very top of the elf hat using craft glue. Hold the pom-pom in place until the glue becomes tacky and can hold the pom-pom up while it dries completely. Refrain from wearing the hat until the glue dries.


Tips and Warnings

Supervise children while using scissors and staplers. Due to the flammable nature of paper, keep your paper elf hat away from any open flames or heating elements. If you want to create a longer lasting elf hat, use heavy duty paper or felt to create the base of the hat.



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