How to Embroider a Nose on a Stuffed Animal

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Things You'll Need

  • Stuffed Animal

  • Needle

  • Embroidery Floss

  • Scissors

If your child has a beloved stuffed animal that is showing signs of wear due to years of loving, perhaps a little face-lift would give it a few more years of life.

Redoing facial features on a stuffed animal is very easy to do. Even if you possess only novice sewing skills you could sew a new nose on a well-loved stuffed animal.


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A needle, embroidery floss, and a few minutes time and your child's stuffed animal will look as good as new!

Embroider a Nose on a Stuffed Animal

Step 1

Decide the color of the new nose. Either match the old nose color as closely as possible, or choose something new and different. The new nose will completely cover the old nose so if you decide to choose a different color the old color won't matter.


Step 2

Cut a 24 inch length of floss. Thread the needle with the embroidery floss and make the floss a double length on the needle by placing the needle at the half-way point on the embroidery floss and knotting both ends of the floss together in one knot.

Step 3

Insert the needle into the bottom left side edge of the nose area. Direct the needle to come out at the bottom right side edge of the nose area. Pull the thread all the way so that the knot enters into the stuffed inside of the stuffed animal. Stop pulling the thread so that the knot is inside the stuffed animal. You now have the knot buried in the stuffed animal and the thread is coming up on the right side of the nose area ready to begin sewing.


Step 4

Take a stitch across the nose area inserting the thread into the left side of the nose. Come back up from underneath on the right side.

Step 5

Continue taking satin stitches across the nose area in the same way. The stitches need to be placed right next to each other to completely cover the nose area. When the nose area is completely covered with satin stitches, knot the thread.


Step 6

Insert the needle back into the stuffed animal, and direct the needle to come up under the chin of the stuffed animal. Pull the thread taut and clip right at the surface of the stuffed animal so that no thread is showing.


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