How to Make Playhouse Curtains

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Things You'll Need

  • Fabric, enough to cover the windows

  • Needle and thread

  • Tape measure

  • Curtain rod

  • Safety pin

Curtains on the windows of a child's playhouse do more than protect your children from sun. They also add to the mood of their surroundings. Fabrics are available in every color and theme from sports and spaceships to animals and dinosaurs. If the playhouse is constructed of wood, you can hang them with curtain rods. If it's made of pop-up vinyl, you can get away with string stretched across the window. They'll be durable enough whether you stitch them on a machine or by hand. If you're pressed for time, hem them with iron-on tape.


Making Playhouse Curtains

Step 1

Measure the windows. Most playhouses have one or two. They probably won't be wider than 2 feet. You can use either a single piece of material or one on either side so your child can open them as you would indoors.

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Step 2

Let your child select the fabric. For a 2-foot window, you'll want your material to be at least 45 inches across so it will gather properly. You'll want the curtains to overhang the bottom by a few inches.

Step 3

Cut the fabric to fit the window, allowing extra room for hemming. Hem the sides and bottom edge, turning the fabric up an inch or so.


Step 4

Turn over and hem on the top edge, leaving 3 inches or so to allow room to slide the curtain rod through easily.

Step 5

Tie the end of the string to a large safety pin if you're using string to hang your curtains. Slide the safety pin through to the other end.


If the playhouse will be outdoors, you won’t want anything too fancy or expensive. You can use worn sheets to save money or to preserve favorite characters and make them last longer. If you feel inclined, you can add pom-pom trim or something festive to finish the curtains.


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