How to Do Machine Embroidery on Ribbon

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Things You'll Need

  • Bottom tear-away stabilizer

  • Adhesive spray

  • Ribbon

  • Embroidery machine hoop

  • Embroidery thread

Embroidered ribbon

This article will help you prepare your hoop and ribbon for machine embroidery. You must already know how to use your embroidery machine; there are many different ones on the market. Please read all instructions, tips and warnings before starting your project.


Step 1

Cut your stabilizer to size and spray it with the adhesive. Place your ribbon in the center of the stabilizer and position the hoop.

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Step 2

Place the hoop on your embroidery machine, making sure your pattern is centered.


Step 3

Choose your embroidery pattern and check that your pattern will fit the ribbon.

Step 4

Embroider the ribbon and remove from the machine.


Step 5

Open the hoop and remove the ribbon from the stabilizer.


Step 6

Now the project is complete.


Always make sure the image you want is going to fit into the space you wish it to, especially on something as small as a ribbon. Your machine should have a layout option for you to check the amount of space required.
Set out all of your threads in advance. This will help you make sure you have all the colors you need and will also save you time.


Do not leave your machine unattended while it is embroidering. The bobbin may clog or the needle may break. If you do not catch these incidents immediately, your machine could sustain serious damage.


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