How to Create Contemporary Art

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Things You'll Need

  • Canvas

  • Easel

  • Assorted acrylic paints

  • Assorted paintbrushes

  • Paper plate

  • Assorted optional supplies

Homemade contemporary artwork expands your creative abilities and environment.

Contemporary art is essentially any type of modern art that is post World War II. However, there are different types of contemporary art that make this artistic genre fascinating. When making your own contemporary artwork, you're able to experiment with brushstrokes, color and feeling. Knowing how to create contemporary art isn't time-consuming or expensive. It's also an enjoyable hobby that provides you with original pieces of art to give as gifts, decorate your home with or sell.


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Step 1

Place the canvas panel you have selected against the easel so it is upright and at eye level.

Step 2

Study your canvas and clear your mind for inspiration. Do you like geometric shapes, bright colors or minimalist impressions? These contemporary art types draw from your emotions and inspiration.


Step 3

Squeeze the colors of paint you want onto the paper plate, using it as a disposable palette. For a minimalism painting to suit your home environment, select three colors that match your decor scheme.

Step 4

Dab a paintbrush into the first, or primary, color for your painting. Sweep the brush across the canvas in a design that suits your fancy. With contemporary art, anything can be done because there is no set way to create this modern art style. You can create squiggly lines, geometric shapes and anything else that comes to mind.


Step 5

Dab a second paintbrush into another color to add accents of differing tones to your contemporary minimalist painting. Create a different texture with this color. For example, if you've created black wiggly lines across your canvas, use a bright crimson red to drag straight lines vertically on the design. This is just one example of many.