How to Leopard Print Crochet

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Things You'll Need

  • crochet pattern

  • graph paper in largest squares you can find

  • colored pencils to match the yarn colors of choice

Leopard print can be a wild as the creature that it is copied from. You can adapt leopard print into the crochet pattern you are working on for a blanket, afghan or clothing if you are an experienced crocheter. It is very important that you make preparations by working on the particular pattern and colors that you want before you pick up the crochet hook and yarn. A more realistic looking pattern will be a series of spots that are in many different shapes and sizes in uneven patterns. If you follow a graph guide and do the preparatory work you will have a beautiful leopard print crocheted project.


Step 1

Find a leopard print pattern that you want to copy into your crochet project. You will need a copy that you can refer to repeatedly.

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Step 2

Start by crocheting the initial chain and first row of the item that you plan to make.

Step 3

Measure the length of the chain and row one to see how long they are. Next measure one inch of the crochet work. Determine how many stitches you made in the one inch area. Write the measurements down. Set this crochet work aside.

Step 4

Use the leopard print picture as a guide. Take the colored pencils and color in the spot patterns on the graph paper. One square will equal one stitch of crochet. Pay attention to your own crochet measurements to keep the spot pattern sizes in perspective.


Step 5

Use the graph paper spot patterns to crochet row 2. You will follow the bottom row of squares on the graph paper to coincide with row 2 on the crocheted piece. This row of crochet will be the dark outer ring of the spot pattern and the leopard coat background color. This row will also help you determine if the size of the spots are correct for the size of your project.


Step 6

Change colors as needed when crocheting the rows following the graph guide. Tie yarn end to next color and cut 1/4 inch from knot. Complete the spots you have on the graph guide.

Step 7

Color a new set of spots on the graph paper if you want to have random spots for the entire project. Alternate the placement and size of spots compared to your first set on the paper.


Step 8

Continue crocheting using the item instructions and your graph guide for the leopard spots. After completing a few rows of spots you can go back to your first row and start the pattern again if desired.


This will be a time consuming pattern and project. Stick with the graph guide to prevent mistakes in the pattern.


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